COVID19 Online Toolkit for Employee Wellbeing 

Practice 1 Daily Intention

A podcast with a one-time introduction, followed by a prompt at the start of your day. This will allow you to focus on who you are in the moment, and give you the inspiration and motivation to become and achieve what you value as your purpose.

Understand The Missing Peace's 2 Cents

A webinar about an overview of how you can develop immunity and boost your morale while working from home. You will be presented with the science and the evidence that supports the rationale of The Missing Peace's Online Toolkit.

Recognize the 3 Mental and Emotional States

A workshop to discover your mental and emotional constitution. An understanding of how the Ayurvedic elements influence your thought process and mood tendencies will help you customize coping regimens and practices.  

Strengthen the 4 Pillars of Health

A webinar about the four pillars that form the basic foundation of your health: food, exercise, connection, and sleep. You will learn how to incorporate and prioritize them in your life.

Nurture the 5 Senses

A workshop about how to nurture our 5 senses that are the doorway to the outside world, and the sense organs that are used to perceive reality. Their upkeep is vital to our basic functioning.

Create Your Reality through the 6th Sense

Through this podcast, you will create your personal visualization through guided imagery in a deeply relaxed state. This practice helps reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improves the capacity to sleep and self-heal.

Experience all 7 Dimensions of Employee Wellbeing

You pick from customized classes about physical, mental, social, intellectual, environmental, occupational, and financial wellbeing!

"Now is the time for us to look after the people who work for us. When a company steps up at a time like this, it builds loyalty, commitment, and long-lasting teams." ~ Arjun Agarwal

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