Sumita works with organizations to integrate evidence-based preventive health techniques in their communities.


Additionally, she designs personalized wellness plans that include wholesome nutrition, herbs, yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices. As a health coach, she assists in achieving and sustaining wellness goals.


Her recent community based participatory research project with a minority population incorporated culturally acceptable food options and mindful eating in encouraging diet change.

Sumita Vasudeva, Founder

Fellow 2014, Stanford Health 4 All (Stanford University School of Medicine)

Clinical Ayurveda Specialist 2002 (California College of Ayurveda)

Master of Yoga 1997 & 2008 (International Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Center)


Energizing foods, relaxing activities, collaboration exercises, and rejuvenating meetings will not succeed unless we make them a part of the company culture. They work if adopted in a wholehearted and mindful manner. 


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