Workplaces have the potential to improve wellness in their communities by supporting healthy work styles.

The Missing Peace is a program designed to enhance employee wellbeing. It creates a culture of positive energy and collaboration. It is informed by ancient eastern wellness practices, as well as evidence-based preventive medicine. 

Empowers: It provides tools, incentives and resources that give people the ability to make changes in their life. 

Engages: It makes a seamless connection between the people at work and their sphere of influence in their local community and larger networks.

Energizes: It boosts creativity and productivity while valuing people's safety and work-life balance. 

COVID19 Online Toolkit for Employee Wellbeing
  • 1 Daily Intention

  • The Missing Peace's 2-Cents 

  • The 3 Mental and Emotional States

  • The 4 Pillars of Health

  • The 5 Senses

  • The 6th Sense 

  • The 7 Dimensions of Employee Wellbeing

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